Help us plant 1 million trees globally

With our tree planting project, you will contribute to global reforestation efforts, restoring lost forests, repairing damaged ecosystems and mitigating climate changes. Benefit Mankind works with in-country partners to protect crucial areas of land, selecting sites that are rich in biodiversity and that support long-term conservation goals to connect and enlarge protected areas. We support our partners with throughout the reforestation process, from the planting and care of young trees, through to their establishment as new forest habitat. According to stats In 2019, global deforestation reached 64 million acres a year. But with your help, Benefit Mankind are helping to restore these lost forests. Reforestation is one of the main ecosystem restoration methods. For just £6, you can fund a tree’s nurturing, planting and protection.

How the Tree Project works

Our target is to plant 1 million trees with your help, each £6 donation covers the seed collection, growing, planting and protection, guaranteeing a new forest to help biodiversity and tackle climate change.

The right tree in the right place

Our reforestation programme has fundamental principles that ensure that native species are planted, supporting conservation and creation of a wildlife-rich habitat, will benefit local communities, reconnect forest areas, and store carbon. Reforestation projects may include active restoration through planting out tree seedlings as well as assisted natural regeneration. Ongoing care is vital in the first years after planting and partners clear all surrounding grasses and other competing vegetation to enhance tree survival rates.

Bring life back to the forests

Saplings are nurtured, with careful monitoring to ensure successful establishment. Many trees grow quickly – fruiting species will provide food for wildlife within a couple of years, not only providing nutrition but also encouraging species back to areas that have suffered deforestation, restoring the biodiversity essential to a healthy natural world.

Long term Project & rewards

Many tree planting projects fail because there is no strict maintenance and monitoring in place once the sapling is in the ground. To secure long-term, successful reforestation, Benefit Mankind is committed to supporting the labour-intensive, time-consuming (and often costly) maintenance of reforested landscapes. Every one of Benefit Mankind Plant a Tree partners implement comprehensive maintenance and monitoring to ensure that saplings grow well for at least ten years, after which the trees are mature enough to see a reduction in natural mortality, allowing the Plant a Tree forests to flourish. As long as tree survives, your rewards will continue.

Respecting and caring for our Planet

If there is one thing we’ve all valued during lockdown, it’s definitely our green spaces. From taking a breath of fresh air in our back garden, to going for a daily walk in the park – these luscious, natural green spaces have provided a source of relief for individuals and families alike. We’ve all grown to appreciate more the physical and psychological benefits that these outdoor spaces provide for us. However, the benefits don’t end here! As we all know, trees and plants produce oxygen and this is fundamental to improving air quality. What’s more, plants are also essential in reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This drop in CO₂ therefore helps to reduce the effects of climate change caused by this harmful gas. However, with when farming became a big business, rather than the use of small landholdings, we lost a lot of our trees, forests and hedges. This means that we’re now losing these critical oxygen-giving blessings and not to mention, destroying the habitat of hundreds of animals in the process… If we look back at our faith, one of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that comes to mind is this beautiful hadith: “If the Hour (the Day of Resurrection) is about to be established and one of you were holding a palm shoot, let him take advantage of even one second before the Hour is established to plant it.” (Ahmad) This clearly demonstrates the importance that Islam gives to ecology and the responsibility of humans in sustaining the balance of the earth. So why not do your bit by planting a tree and caring for our planet.

Fundrasing & Feedback

Get together with your friends, families, schools, colleagues and set yourself a target. Plant as many trees as you can and together we can save our planet. Feedback will be provided every few months on this page of our global tree planting project.