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General Projects

Together, let’s Benefit Mankind. Your donation towards our General Projects has the power to save and change lives. With over

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UK Projects

Domestic Violence During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, there was generally an increase in demand for domestic abuse victim support

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Benefit Mankind teams in Bangladesh need your support to help families who have lost everything due to the floods. Our

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Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth Appeal. The winter season can be a formidable adversary for many, subjecting them to its unrelenting chill. As

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Empowerment Projects

Promoting development and sustainable livelihoods Benefit mankind helps poor communities to improve their lives. With a focus on sustainable development,

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Admin Support

Help us Benefit Mankind By donating towards our Admin support program, this enables us to maintain our 100% donations policy

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Shelter Projects

Shelter Is Crucial to Survival Our vision at Benefit Mankind is to help provide families with shelter homes that currently

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