Official Charity Partner of Blackburn Rovers FC.

3rd Season Partnership Announcement

Press Release 26th July 2023

 Benefit Mankind and Blackburn Rovers Football Club: A Success Story of Empowering Local Communities and Providing Smiles Globally for a 3rd Season

In an inspiring display of corporate social responsibility, Benefit Mankind and Blackburn Rovers Football Club have joined forces for the third consecutive season, creating waves of positive change in local communities. The enduring partnership between the charitable organisation and the esteemed football club has proven to be a catalyst for transformative local projects that benefit mankind in more ways than one.

Benefit Mankind, known for its dedication to humanitarian causes, has found an exemplary ally in Blackburn Rovers FC, a club that understands the profound impact it can have on the lives of people beyond the football pitch. Together, they have seamlessly woven their passion for uplifting communities into a robust collaborative framework.

Since the inception of their partnership three years ago, Benefit Mankind and Blackburn Rovers FC have worked hand in hand to identify pressing community needs and to deliver tailor-made solutions. From enhancing lives of those on our streets to supporting vital healthcare initiatives, their combined efforts have touched the lives of countless individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of social change.

The impact of the partnership has been equally profound. Benefit Mankind and Blackburn Rovers FC have channelled resources to bolster healthcare facilities at cancer hospitals providing essential live saving cancer research, ensuring that support is accessible to those who need it the most. Their interventions have not only improved health outcomes but have also brought hope and relief to families facing adversity locally due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Beyond supporting the homeless and healthcare, the partnership has focused on uplifting the spirit of local communities through various engagement programs. From organising fundraising events to delivering kits abroad to the needy, Benefit Mankind and Blackburn Rovers FC have fostered a sense of unity, inclusion and belonging, binding communities together in the pursuit of common goals.

Dr Mulla, the CEO of Benefit Mankind, expressed his gratitude for the steadfast support from Blackburn Rovers FC, stating, “Our partnership with Blackburn Rovers has been truly transformative. Together, we have been able to achieve far more than we could ever have done alone. Their dedication to creating positive change locally and abroad has been nothing short of exceptional. This coming season we aim to continue delivering live changing projects and together the limits we can reach are beyond exceptional.”

“We would like to the thank the Management at Blackburn Rovers FC for their trust and continued support towards Benefit Mankind. Welcoming Dominic Hyam as our Ambassador this season has filled us with anticipation and enthusiasm. We are eager to join forces with him to work towards the betterment of humanity. Together, we aspire to make a significant difference and bring positive changes locally and abroad.”

As Benefit Mankind and Blackburn Rovers FC embark on yet another season of partnership, the future brims with even greater potential for transformative change. Together, they are a shining example of how organisations, when driven by a shared purpose, can make a lasting difference in the lives of communities they touch.

In conclusion, the unwavering commitment of Benefit Mankind and Blackburn Rovers Football Club to create a better world for local communities is a testament to the power of collaboration and compassion. As their partnership continues to flourish, so too does the hope for a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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