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Hafiz Dr Abdussamad Mulla

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Abdussamad Mulla became the Chief Executive Officer of Benefit Mankind in July 2020. Dr Mulla has over 20 years of experience in the humanitarian and public sector, leading on marketing and fundraising campaigns for a number of international development and humanitarian agencies.

During these years, Dr Mulla has travelled extensively around the world raising awareness of major emergencies such as the East African famine, Indonesian earthquake/tsunami and the Syrian crisis to name a few.

Dr Mulla gained his PhD in 2018 from the University of Spain and another PhD in 2019 from the Business University of USA. Dr Mulla is renowned for his charitable work around the world and is well recognised in the humanitarian field. He also has a passion to help local projects in the United Kingdom.

Dr Mulla is also a Doctor of Letters, which is a rare academic title given to established and accomplished scholars and academics. Recipients of the D.Litt honour have all contributed to knowledge in humanities, published scholarly articles and journals and their original ideas have progressed human understanding in some profound way.

Dr Mulla has also published his book ‘Road to Success’ which has been distributed across Sri Lanka in the English & Tamil Language. Professionally, Dr Mulla has 20 years of senior management, leadership and training experience, having worked in various capacities within both government and the voluntary sector. Dr Mulla for over 7 years worked for the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) as a crisis loan decision maker providing high quality welfare service to the British community. Thereafter, for 9 years became a Country Director for a leading International aid relief organisation.

He has been engaged in consultancy within the field of HR and strategy as well as delivering capacity building through leadership and management programmes to organisations of all size in various countries, particularly in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Rizwan Gharda


Rizwan Gharda has been involved in the charity sector for 15 years, leading on many different projects. During these years, he has travelled widely around the world ranging from Jordan, Greece to Sri Lanka raising awareness of their plight and assisting children in health and education.

He has also project managed the As Suffa outreach project in Lancashire, which has helped thousands of locals in need. Rizwan has also achieved a Diploma in Psychology, which has led to having a strong interest in the human mind and behaviour.

This has helped Rizwan understand how people perceive the world around them and how they react to it, how they grow, learn and function in groups. Rizwan currently works as a social worker for Bolton Council. His role is to work with young people and families to improve the quality of life. Rizwan supports young people on the streets and finds out what causes them to carry out anti-social behaviour and what measure we can put into place to prevent it from escalating.

This ranges from workshops to participating in positive activities or arranging voluntary work. As a trustee of Benefit Mankind, Rizwan wants to utilise his experiences to help young people and families around the world with daily challenges of life, by providing educational and medical support.


Talha Mulla


Talha Mulla dedicated over five years to Islamic studies at Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda in the UK, simultaneously pursuing academic studies under the guidance of influential scholars in the country.

Additionally, Talha pursued a four-year course in IT Computing, earning two IT Diplomas. He has been serving as an IT Manager at a Education Trust for more than a decade.

Talha has actively contributed to humanitarian efforts, providing crucial support during floods and the Covid-19 pandemic. With over a decade of experience in media, communications, and marketing roles for international development and environmental charities, he has undertaken aid relief missions in various countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Greece, Morocco and South Africa.

Motivated by a desire to utilise his skills and experience to empower and support young people, especially in the education sector, Talha engages in charity work. Recognising the challenges faced by today’s youth, he aims to provide support through empowerment, education, and life skills.

On a global scale, Talha is committed to developing and educating families who have not had opportunities throughout their lives. As a trustee of Benefit Mankind, he envisions transforming the lives of numerous families around the world.