My name is Riaz Seedat and I am a volunteer for Benefit Mankind, I have an intention to do monthly projects to help our brothers and sisters around the world with your duas and support. No matter how small or how big you are donating if it just £1 or £1,000 at least you are giving to charity and you are doing with a good intention and good heart that Inshallah the amount of money you give to charity will help a families struggling around the world.

For this year I will be appealing to you all to help sponsor orphans around the world, you can give any amount however if you wish to sponsor a child for the year it costs £365, only £1 a day InshaAllah. Also this year I have made an intention to build a village in Indonesia, each home costs just £850 and will house a family of 3-6 members InshaAllah. Donate your Zakaat Sadaqah and Lillah towards these life changing projects.