Late Hawa Disability Centre Project
Since June 2020 in Sri Lanka we have been providing monthly support to 10 disabled children thanks to generous donors here in the UK. Monthly cost per child is £50 to provide food and medical aid.
The names of the children:
*Project Starting date :- 24.06.2020*
And Names of the children
1. Faheer Sahthy
2. Imran Fathima Ishra
3. Nowfar Nusra
4. Rafeek Rushtha
5. Abdul Kareem Mohamed Aflal
6. Jihad Mohamed Aqeel
7. Mohamed Riswan Mohamed Zakky
8. Kamaldeen Mohamed Rifkan
9. Naseer Hamooth
10. Mohamed Safeek Sahnas

To support one disabled child per month costs just £50 which will provide emergency medical help when it matters the most. Donate whatever you can and help change lives for the better. The family of Late Hawa Jassat will personally oversee the project and feedback will be available on this page often.

Facts from the ground: Although the civil war ended seven years ago, the consequences of war and disaster have not ended in Sri Lanka. During the time of the war the Northern and Eastern Provinces had been affected more than the rest of the districts in the country. Thousands of people have been killed or disappeared during the time of the war. As a result, more than 70-80% of families have lost their main breadwinner and almost 100% of livelihood assets including house and household assets have been demolished.

Statistics from the ground: As a consequence of these actions, there are a large number of children who are living in unsafe homes. To be more precise they live in small huts and have meals twice a day.  Their educational activities are almost non-existence as some children are sent to the farm by their care givers. Based on our field assessments, more than 300 children are either living with friends or relatives. 

Food is an issue for these children and they don’t have any facilities for their basic needs in the district of Trincomalee. More specifically there are over 100 children living in the Kinniya region. These children also have a disadvantage as they have a disability which requires them to have that extra help. They are desperately looking for a safe environment to be able to continue their education and to have a routine in their lives.