For the reward for Nabi ﷺ , his family, all of the Sahabas, All the pious Ulema of the past and future, All our deceased family members, To all the Believers male and female from the beginning till the day of Judgement ”“BLESSINGS TILL QIYAMAH”

When a person dies his deeds end and he cannot do any good deeds and he/she waits for others to do good deeds for him. We people need food and drink, similarly, a dead person needs our prayers even more.
Any way we can do good deeds for the deceased eg Praying Nafil Namaz, Nafil fasting, By Giving Charity, Reciting Qur’an, Reciting Durood & istighfar etc the deceased receives full reward.

The gifts we send to the deceased will be received and inshallah will illuminate their graves and elevate their status.

The best form of charity is to give someone water.
Water projects start from £130

Plant an Olive Tree in the blessed lands of As Shaam – £6

Donate a Qura’an – £2

Build Madressah – £4000

We pray Allah Taa’la to accept & will also appoint someone for us who will remember us and pray for us too when we have reached our destination of the qabr.