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A’liya’s sudden passing was a complete shock not only to us, her family, but something that rocked many communities calling for change in many lives.

A 26 year old loving wife, a caring daughter, the perfect sister and a fun attentive aunt, A’liya had the ability to make everyone feel special, she was the joy of a room filled with people. She wanted the best for everyone whilst always seeing the best in everyone, fulfilling each of her roles in life to the best of her humble ability, where her love had no boundaries. Islam and the important acts of giving played a pivotal role in A’liya’s life, her characteristics mirrored this effortlessly. She was always ready to give her all, whether that was in supplication to her faith, or giving what was needed to those that needed it the most.

With the help of Benefit Mankind, Alhamdulillah we have set up this page in memory of our beautiful A’liya, who touched the hearts of so many. We hope that we can continue to do what she loved the most, giving, touching the hearts of the people who are in desperate need of our help. We will use this platform to continue raising money for various projects to help those in need, working with benefit mankind inshaAllah together we can continue A’liya’s legacy by raising money for many great causes. Below is a list of projects we will be supporting through the ALM Foundation and Benifit Mankind, select any of the below for more information on each of these projects. 

£47,310 has been raised in A’liya’s name since her passing, and this money will be used to create some self-sustainable villages in Malawi and Indonesia, areas that are very much in need. These villages will consist of a Masjid, Madrassah, Imam’s house, up to 150 shelter homes for widows & the elderly as priority, empowerment for the local communities and easy access to clean running water. This, along with other projects to help sustain the villages providing an easier way of life for those in these rural parts of the world Insha’Allah.

We will continue to update this page regularly with our feedback for all of the projects.

If anyone else wants to create a page for their loved ones who have returned to their Creator, kindly email info@benefitmankind with the details.




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Sri Lanka Empowerment Project

Indonesia Maktab Construction