Homeless on the increase

As lockdown eases and we all adjust to the new normal, it’s more important than ever to have a safe place to call home. But for so many, from the people stuck living in unsafe conditions putting their loved ones at risk to those with no choice but to sleep on the streets, that just isn’t reality.

Our team in the UK continue to work tirelessly to answer the increasing number of calls we’re receiving from people in need of our help. And they’ve seen it all – from children forced to live away from their parents due to their poor housing to people sleeping in tents and cars because there’s just nowhere else to go. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Join the fight against homelessness and help us be there for everyone who needs our help. Help us provide blankets and hot meals to the homeless from just £1.

Covid-19 Pandemic

Since the Covid-19 crisis started, Benefit Mankind have delivered over £40,000 worth of emergency food supplies and PPE kits, we were the first charity to setup an emergency helpline which witnessed thousands of calls during lockdown period, this was all provided with your generous support.

We will also be working closely with Cancer Specialist hospitals in England to help support patients, again your support will help us benefit many here locally when they need help the most. There are an estimated 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK, rising to 4 million by 2030 according to statistics.

Rochdale Islamic Academy (Girls’ School) is a private independent Muslim school set up to serve the communities in Rochdale, Oldham, Bury and beyond. The school fees are £2200 per pupil. The school provides pupil with a broad and rich Curriculum while ensuring they receive a strong Islamic education enabling them to become confident young ladies, who go on to make a positive contribution to their communities while being proud and inspiring young women.

Unfortunately, most pupils at the school come from low income/single parent families. This limits how many pupils can attend the school and sadly results in pupils leaving each year.

With your generous financial support in this ‘Sponsor A Pupil’ project you will be paving the path for these pupils to fulfil their dreams of studying at our school. Supporting them become the future Muslim young ladies who will carry the beacon of Islam and make a positive contribution to the lives of the future generations.

All sponsors will receive an annual report of the pupil they have sponsored.