Together, let’s provide warmth.

Millions of families across the Middle East fled their homes in search of safety will struggle to stay warm this winter. Last year, temperatures in the Middle East fell below zero and many refugees had nothing more than makeshift tents to shelter them.

This winter, more than 5 million refugees and another 8.5 million internally displaced people will need humanitarian aid. As temperatures begin to fall and the nights start to draw in, they are worried about how they will cope this winter.

Many have already been rocked by war and conflict that shows no signs of abating. Money raised through Benefit Mankind’s winter warmth appeal helps provide blankets, food and shelter that can bring them comfort during the harshest days and nights; for the oldest, youngest and weakest, this aid can be the difference between surviving the winter and not.

For many people, winter is a difficult time. Temperatures fall well below freezing, winds, snowy blizzards and torrential rain can make it difficult to stay warm and dry. With only a tent or makeshift housing over their heads, once cold, it is almost impossible for people to stay warm again. Many refugees will face harsh conditions, and for those most vulnerable, it will be a struggle to survive the winter.

Today, you can share their warmth with thousands of people facing some of the harshest conditions we’ll see all year by helping us deliver items like blankets, shelter homes and food aid to those who desperately need them. This winter Benefit Mankind will be delivering warmth to families in Yemen, Lebanon and refugees from Syria and Palestine in Jordan.