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Donation Type

Zakaat, Sadaqah, Nafl Sadaqah, Lillah

Project Type

Indonesia £365, Sri Lanka £365

An orphan child, growing up in poverty, is especially vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse, being forced into early marriage or child labour and missing out on their right to education.

Education is often an unaffordable luxury for children living in poverty, and a lack of education creates a lack of options. It makes finding future work difficult, and it makes children vulnerable to exploitation. We provide resources for children to complete and go beyond primary education. In some cases, the cost of school fees, clothing and supplies are provided. In other cases, it means providing tutoring, help with homework, mentorship and, if necessary, participation in a literacy program outside the classroom.

By sponsoring an orphan which costs £1 a day, you will change the child’s life forever. The £365 donation will provide education, clothing, stationery, toys and most importantly happiness and joy.

Personalised Feedback

If you sponsor a child for the full year, we will provide you with a personalised feedback report which will show the image of the orphan child, their location and details, annual reports are provided which you will receive in between the 6-9 months after sponsoring.

Currently, we will only support full orphan sponsorships in Indonesia.