It is very difficult for widows to financially support themselves especially if they have children to look after. This problem is magnified in countries which do not offer any support to them. By sponsoring a widow and her children, you can ease their difficulties by covering their basic needs.

There are many widows with children living in refugee camps with no support, no protection, and very little to eat. They are the most vulnerable displaced refugees. They have no breadwinner, no male relatives in most cases, they simply roam from camp to camp looking for shelter and food.

We have many widows that need to be supported across the Middle East especially in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. For just £50 a month, you can support a widow and her children. This £50 will provide a food parcel, medical support and clean water each month for them.

All around the world, there is an all-time high for single-mother households. According to stats, around 51% of the single-mother families, today are either divorced, separated, and widowed. In many cases, this is the result of unjust wars, chronic illness, and other causes.

The beauty of Islam is that every aspect of life has been addressed and as a result of this men have to play a key role in providing for their life partner. However, a single mother that has a lot of responsibility placed on her shoulders must maintain her well-being by putting her full trust in the Almighty.

Your kindness and generosity will go a long way to help these widows, we will continuously provide feedback on our LIVE FEEDBACK page and social media channels for you to see the difference you are making. For the widows support project, you can donate Zakaat Sadaqah & Lillah.