Hajiani Hanifa Gulam Motorwala.  The absolute rock of our family, touched the hearts of so many. Loved and admired, a legacy that can’t be forgotten. A true role model ‘Our Beloved Maa’ (23rd March 1934 – 3rd January 2022). We pray Allah accepts this Masjid as Esaale Thawaab for All Murhumeen. May Allah forgive Her Sins, grant her maghfirah, and the Highest Abode in Jannat-ul-Firdaus, Ameen.


Help us build a Masjid for £12,000 which will accommodate approximately 200 musallees in Indonesia, you may donate any Lillah amount you prefer and together we can build this Masjid for the pleasure of Allah SWT. The £12,000 includes water facilities, internal decorating and the complete building. The land on which the Masjid will be built is Waqf. Give whatever amount you can to build this beautiful house of Allah SWT.

The Role of a Masjid

A Masjid is at the centre of any community, for times of joy and sorrow, for prayer and repentance it cradles the community and holds them close to Allah SWT. The Masjid plays a vital role in bringing the community together and uplifting their spirits. Help us to build a beautiful Masjid and unite these poverty-stricken communities. Our beloved Prophet SAW told us that Allah SWT says that if someone builds a masjid in order to reap His reward, Allah SWT will build them a similar house in paradise.

Our history shows us that the Masjid has long been considered the focal point of any community. It is a place of social interaction, education and religious practice and has an instrumental role in bringing attention to the well-being and welfare of its members. After home and work, the Masjid is the most frequented place for a Muslim but unfortunately in many developing countries, the limited resources cannot fulfil their desire for a big and beautiful Masjid place. Here at Benefit Mankind, we have been helping support communities in Indonesia, we have built their religious institutions which have gone on to become the focal point of their society. Each building is designed specifically for each community’s current and future needs. Currently, many worshipers are forced to use temporary buildings that provide little to no shelter from the various weather conditions. Your donations will help us to build permanent structures the entire community can use. Help build this Masjid which is an ideal project for Sadaqah Jaariyah for those loved ones who have returned to their Maker.

Holy Quran Distributions

Donate a Quran for just £2 and we will deliver these across Indonesia for the Esaale Thawaab. You can donate as many as you like, and you will be rewarded continuously IA. Many areas in Indonesia are deprived of basics and this project is always highly appreciated.

Sadaqah Jariyah is Investing in the Hereafter

Throughout life, we invest a lot of money, time and effort into achieving our various personal goals and dreams. We often focus our energy on work or home, putting in a lot of hard work to obtain the results we wish to see. We should remember to give just as much energy and attention into investing in our Hereafter as this is where the rewards are the greatest; not only for our today but for long after we have died.  “The semblance of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah SWT, is as the likeness of a grain of corn, which grows seven ears and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah SWT gives manifold increase to whomever He pleases. Allah SWT is All-Sufficient, All-Knowing.” – The Holy Qur’an (2:261)

We should all aim to adopt ongoing charity as a habit in Islam as opposed to an occasional gesture as we will, one day, be thankful of our actions when the resulting rewards continue to benefit us in our Hereafter. Please consider donating to our sadaqah jariyah appeal to help secure further rewards today. With your help, we can continue to make a difference and benefit mankind.

Personalised Feedback

During construction, this page will be updated with the work taking place every month IA. Once this Masjid is built, we will send the family a personalised feedback report which will show location and images with your named plaque, Masjid projects can take between 6-9 months to complete.