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220+ killed and thousands injured after huge explosion - Beirut, Lebanon

At least 220 people have been killed and 6,000 more injured in a huge explosion in Beirut, Lebanon according to latest reports. Footage shared on social media showed the moment a building several storeys high exploded, sending an enormous shockwave across the city that shattered windows, shook buildings and destroyed homes. An estimated 300,000 people have been left homeless. The explosion and shockwaves were reportedly heard and felt as far away as Cyprus – more than 200km away.


The destruction of Beirut’s port will devastate the country further as it relies heavily on imports for its crucial supplies.


CEO of Benefit Mankind – Hafiz Dr Abdussamad Mulla said: “Benefit Mankind Emergency response teams have already started delivering in Beirut, we are looking at providing medical aid and food for people who have lost their homes. In a few days, we will also start providing medical help to hospitals that have been affected by the blast. Longer-term we will need to continue providing food parcels, as the seaport has been destroyed, meaning food imports will be significantly reduced to a country that is already on its knees. We urge you to support our projects online at so that we may increase our capacities in reaching out to the poor and needy and to the many disasters that have now become a norm in present times. At Benefit Mankind, we always strive to serve humanity in a professional, efficient and effective manner operating with a 100% donation policy. All our feedback is posted on our website and social media channels; if you haven’t yet subscribed to our channels, please do so and share with your loved ones.”