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Assalamualykum WW

We pray you are well InshaAllah. This page has been created on behalf of Late Haji Mubarak Ali, father of Moulana Abu Bakr, Hafiz Sufyan, Muhammad and Yasin Mubarak.

We intend to build a Masjid in Indonesia on behalf of Late Haji Mubarak Ali, kindly donate any amount you can with the intention of Esaale Thawaab. The Masjid name will be chosen by the family members and feedback will be posted on this page InshaAllah during the year.

Cost of the Masjid is £10,000 and will accommodate approximately 150 Musallees.

May Allah SWT bless elevate Marhum Haji Saab’s status and all those who have passed away Aameen.