Message from our CEO

Message from our CEO
Head Office - United Kingdom
July 2020

Assalamualykum WW / May peace and blessings be upon you all,

2020 has been a year full of challenges, trials and uncertainty with the Coronavirus pandemic which has affected the whole world. We are all facing unprecedented situations that are impacting all of us personally and professionally. 2020 also is the year that witnessed the birth of our charity, Benefit Mankind.

Benefit Mankind was established with one vision; to help mankind and make a difference. Since our inception in February, we have actively been assisting humanity, starting with the UK floods which affected thousands of families. Thereafter, from March we launched our coronavirus helpline which gave us the opportunity to help families that were self-isolating. Between March and May 2020, we delivered over 10,000 food packs to doorsteps and delivery of essential PPE kits to care homes and hospitals, thanks to support from our dedicated volunteers and generous donors.

At the same time, we have supported projects around the world where Covid-19 has caused chaos. 12 countries have been supported with food aid, hygiene kits, shelter, water sanitation and education. It is imperative that Benefit Mankind continues to meet the increasing needs globally. We have a global crisis team in place working around the clock, to ensure that we keep our beneficiaries safe and at the same time protecting our team members.

It states in the Holy Quran: “Those who spend their wealth for Almighty Allah’s sake, may be compared to a grain which sprouts into seven ears with a hundred grains in each ear. Almighty Allah multiplies things for anyone He wishes. Almighty Allah is boundless, Aware.” Keeping this in mind, we urge you to continuously support the cries of humanity generously as you have done since our inception.

The cries of our starving children in countries like Yemen are presently being resonated across the globe. Therefore, we have earmarked this as an urgent project so that we may at least fill the bellies of our starving brethren. Our projects in Yemen, Gaza, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Kenya, Pakistan and Jordan to name a few will continue only with your assistance and duas/prayers.

We urge you to support our projects online at so that we may increase our capacities in reaching out to the poor and needy and to the many disasters that have now become a norm in present times. At Benefit Mankind, we always strive to serve humanity in a professional, efficient and effective manner. All our feedback is posted on our website and social media channels; if you haven’t yet subscribed to our channels, please do so and share with your loved ones.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support and would like you all to stay safe during these challenging times and keep us in your duas/prayers.


Abdussamad Mulla
Chief Executive Officer
Dr, PhD, Litt, Hons - USA & Spain