Raised of £3,500 target

  • Zakaat
  • Sadaqah
  • Nafl Sadaqah
  • Lillah
  • BLANKETS £10
  • SHELTER HOME £2,200

Help Imam Abu Yusuf from Brighton deliver warmth across the Middle East this winter, thousands of refugee families face difficulties and challenges during these winter months and need your urgent support….

How you can help?

£35 will provide a blanket & food pack. Our target is £3,500


Together, let’s provide warmth.

Millions of families across the Middle East fled their homes in search of safety will struggle to stay warm this winter. Last year, temperatures in the Middle East fell below zero and many refugees had nothing more than makeshift tents to shelter them.

This winter, more than 5 million refugees and another 8.5 million internally displaced people will need humanitarian aid. As temperatures begin to fall and the nights start to draw in, they are worried about how they will cope this winter.

Our general projects reach out and serve the people who are suffering the most. From remote communities to widows reeling with grief, abandoned and orphaned children and the vulnerable or frail elderly, we deliver global aid to combat the effects of poverty, drought, disaster and conflict.

With your Zakaat, Sadaqah and Lillah contributions, we will ensure that your donation serves humanity and gives people the basic human rights that they deserve.

Without you, we cannot continue to serve humanity. By setting up a regular gift today you can help make an ongoing difference to the lives of those in the greatest of need, saving lives and transforming communities for good. From supporting young children into education, providing long-term water solutions to drought-affected communities, to giving women opportunities to earn a living to provide for their families. Supporting our long-term sustainable programmes, with a regular gift can help us in our fight against poverty.