Ammi's Kitchen

We have made the intention to build a Masjid on behalf of our late mother in Indonesia for £8,000. We require 200 people to donate £40 each to complete this project InshaAllah. Once masjid is built we will post the feedback on this page InshaAllah.
Allah SWT will address His servant on the day of judgement saying, “Oh son of Adam, I asked you for food, you did not feed me.” “Oh my Lord, how could I feed you!? You are the Sustainer of the universe?” The servant will reply, in response to which Allah SWT will say, “did you not know that my such and such servant asked you for food, and you failed to feed him. Had you fed him, you would have found the reward thereof with me here on this day”. (Hadeeth – Muslim).
Whether it be neighbours, relatives, friends or ulema (scholars), feeding people and displaying a high level of hospitality was ammi’s most outstanding trait. Carrying out one of the best forms of Sadaqah defined who she was. “The best form of charity is feeding a hungry creature”. (Hadeeth – Bayhaqee).
Help us continue her legacy by feeding those most in need of food, both locally and abroad.
2 Hot meals will be provided – £3.50

Hot MealS - indonesia

Hot MealS - PAkistan



Hot MealS - lebanon