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Anishas Collection Blackburn have teamed up with Benefit Mankind to carry out projects to benefit the deceased (Marhum), with so many deaths being witnessed we wanted to do these projects for the esaale thawaab of all marhum InshaAllah. We pray that Allah SWT makes it easy for all the family members who have lost loved ones and give them Sabar at these difficult times. Kindly find below details of the projects outlined:

Kaffan Project:
Many countries around the world struggle for the burial cloth (kaffan) and we want to make this process easier for the families. £10 will make this difference and will be very rewarding.

Quran Project:
We will collect money towards Quran Shareef and will distribute this in many countries, every person that prays, the deceased will gain the rewards InshaAllah.

Indonesia Shelter Homes
With families living in temporary shelter after the recent tsunami in Palu, Anishas Collection working with Benefit Mankind would like to provide 50 homes costing £1,500 each which includes a bathroom facility. This project is eligible for Zakaat Sadaqah and Lillah. We also build homes without bathroom facilities at the cost of £850 which can be donated at

Indonesia Masjid
In the Anishas Collection village, we would like to build a Masjid costing £10,000 which will accommodate the residents of the village. Lillah collection only.

Indonesia Maktab
Providing education for the children in the village is essential, the Maktab which costs £4,000 will be used daily and will provide life skills for all. Lillah only project.

Indonesia Water Projects
2 water boreholes are required costing £3,000 each, this will benefit the whole village. Lillah and Nafl Sadaqah accepted for the water projects.

May the Almighty bless you all and accept this intention of ours.

JazakAllah khayr