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The Role of a Masjid

The Mosque/Masjid plays a vital role in bringing the community together and uplifting their spirits.

Islamic history shows us that the Mosque/Masjid has long been considered the focal point of any community. It is a place of social interaction, education and religious practice and has an instrumental role in bringing attention to the well-being and welfare of its members.

After home and work, the Mosque/Masjid is the most frequented place for a Muslim but unfortunately in many developing countries, the limited resources cannot fulfil their desire for a big and beautiful Mosque/Masjid place. This creates a breakdown in the community and prevents them from being able to not only fully practice their religious beliefs but also reduces the engagement people have with their neighbours.

Here at Benefit Mankind, we have been helping support communities in Malawi & Indonesia, we have built their religious institutions which have gone on to become the coal point of their society. Each building is designed specifically for each community’s current and future needs. Currently, many worshipers are forced to use temporary buildings that provide little to no shelter from the sun.

Your donations will help us to build permanent structures the entire community can use. Just £50 provides a prayer area for a Mosque/Masjid. To build a Masjid prices start from just £8,000, an ideal project for Sadaqah Jaariyah for those loved ones who have returned to their Maker.

Personalised Feedback

If you donate towards any of our Mosque/Masjid projects, we will provide you with a personalised feedback report which will show location and images with your named plaque, kindly let us know what name you require on the plaque and the name of the Mosque/Masjid when donating. Mosque/Masjid projects can take between 6-9 months to complete