A Country Prone To Disasters

Indonesia is particularly prone to natural disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions & floods. Widespread poverty, political instability and poor resource distribution has also lead to one of the world’s highest rates of stunted growth due to malnutrition. Your donations can provide lifesaving support to families who need it the most.

Benefit Mankind has provided orphan sponsorship programming in Indonesia as well as numerous educational and empowerment projects. Our sponsorship programs support knowledge, behavior and physical growth to ensure a healthy and positive foundation that prepares children for success and benefits families and communities as well. Orphan gifts are provided often to the children that unfortunately have lost everything.

We are also providing shelter homes to families that have lost everything due to these natural disasters, £850 will house a family of up to 7 members. If a full home is donated, you can have the option to have a permanent personalised plaque on the home for the family to pray for you and remember you.

Our Emergency and Most Needy category will be used on the most urgent projects that come through, as it is a country prone to disasters the needs are on the increase.

Key facts & figures

  1. Indonesia is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions with droughts, flooding, and mudslides expected to worsen due to climate change. Currently, nearly 70% of low-income housing is built by the families themselves rather than by the government or private developers.
  2. Declining trend. Due to the dense rural nature of parts of the Java, Bali, Lombok, and parts of Sumatra, poverty can be classified into rural and urban poverty. Urban poverty is prevalent in not only in Jabodetabek, but also in Medan and Surabaya.
  3. Almost 25 million Indonesian families live in urban slums with many others settling along railway tracks and riverbanks, and on streets.
  4. Population: Over 258.3 million
  5. Urbanization: 53.7 % live in cities
  6. Life expectancy: 72.7 years
  7. Unemployment rate: 6.2 %
  8. Population living below poverty line: 11.3 %