Gaza Facts – Source UN

The population of Gaza is 1.6 million, with over 50% under 18.

38% of Gazans live in poverty.

26% of the Gazan workforce, including 38% of youths, is unemployed.

The average wage declined by over 20% in the past six years.

54% of Gazans are food insecure and over 75% are aid recipients.

35% of Gaza’s farmland and 85% of its fishing waters are totally or partially inaccessible.

50-80 million litres of partially treated sewage are dumped in the sea each day.

Over 90% of the water from the Gaza aquifer is undrinkable.

85% of schools in Gaza run on double shifts.

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Donate towards our Emergency Appeal which will be used towards food aid, medical needs and emergency needs for the families.




Our Emergency aid delivery includes food aid, medical supplies, hot meals, clothing and shelter support to families that have lost everything. Help restore, rehabilitate and return to productivity agricultural land, support the repairs of shelter homes and provide Gaza’s farmers the means to buy tools seeds, crops and fertiliser to secure an income for their families, and to generate employment. Donate now give the poorest and most vulnerable people in Gaza a chance to transform their lives for good.


Provide water tanks for families which can hold 2,000 litres of water. The tanks will be handed over to the families who will then get water refills weekly. Without the tanks the families can only use small tubs or buckets for water, this project makes life so much easier.


Unfortunately many individuals have disabilities and challenges to get by daily, a £130 wheelchair will make life easier and bearable for the individuals. 


By the fig and the olive and [by] Mount Sinai, And [by] this city of security [Makkah]. Verily, We have certainly created man in the best of stature. (Quran 95:1-4)

Give £6 and provide a Palestinian family with an olive tree, ensuring they reap the fruit of the olive for years to come. Olives are mentioned seven times in the Quran, and the Prophet (Peace be upon him) instructed us to use olive oil on our hair and skin.

Since the trees you donate will provide olives for years to come, this project is a Sadaqah Jaariyah, providing endless blessings, even after you are gone.